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Still Living in Lanzarote Now Available For Your Kindle

Still Living In Lanzarote is the follow up to Mike's best selling book Living in Lanzarote. It has been out in paperback for some time, but is now available for the Amazon Kindle. {If you are planning on visiting The Canary Islands the following link has detailed information on Discounted Tenerife Pet Friendly Hotels.|

If a trip to The Canary Islands is on this years holiday agenda then you will find that the following link has information especially useful to those looking for ##LINK~##.|

Situated closer to North Africa than Spain, the Canary Islands have long been a favourite of the British holidaymaker. If you are considering a trip to The Canary Islands this year then you will find that the following link has facts and information especially useful to anybody interested in ##LINK~##.The book follows the family's time on the island from 2006 until the present day, and covers a difficult period when the recession but hard, and when the going for many in Lanzarote got tough. Happily, it also charts something of a renaissance as well as a big change of direction both in their working and personal lives.


The Kindle version is just £2.27 for UK readers and EUR3.07 for those in Europe and here are links for most countries - if your country is not listed below, just visit your Amazon page and search for "Still Living in Lanzarote."

Spanish Store

United States Store

German store

French Store

Italian Store

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